MicroFinance & New Technology Event – Agenda

What are the ICT business opportunities in Microfinance? Across this new event on finance and technology, the  participants will be able to identify the business opportunities that exist for the ICT sector in the microfinance industry. They will also be aware of the challenges of providing ICT solutions to the Microfinance industry.

MIS – Critical Foundation for Growth

Following this session the participants will be able to assess correctly and select the appropriate MIS  solution for a given microfinance institution.Mobile Banking Following this session the participants will become aware of the current and emerging trends in the use of mobile phones as a channel for delivering financial services.   They will learn about the different hardware and software solutions available on the market for the mobile banking platform.

C2C and B2B platform
Members of the event will be able to identify the opportunities available from the direct access channel that the internet provides as a means of transaction processing and communication.

Specific Challenges for Microinsurance
Participants will be able to see through the challenges of micro-insurance. Appreciate micro-insurance product design and the appropriate distribution channels.

Following this session, the participants will be able to assess the impact and challenges arising from regulations and legislation on the uptake and deployment of new technologies in microfinance made aware of the possible measures to address the challenges resulting from law and legislation.